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Kinetic art is art which moves or seems to move, if movement is the main expression of the artistic work.

New Artists
  Kai Wolf;6 Years
  Piotr Jedrzejewski;6 Years
  Charly-Ann Cobdak;6 Years
  Kinetica;7 Years
  Audiomachinist;7 Years
  Gijs van Bon;7 Years
  Kuk Taek Chung;7 Years
  Kang-Ok Jeon;7 Years
  Kim Ji Hyun;7 Years
  Willem van Weeghel;7 Years
Latest Picture:
"Running Edward"
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Johannes Jensen
Kineticus is devoted to the subject of kinetic art. The website gets permanently updated by its members, linked artists and guests and therefore is a great platform and opportunity.

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  Jeff Kahn artist data  Robert Lambermont artist dataexhibitions Compact portfolios
  G. W. Smith artist data  Ursula Sax artist dataexhibitions Compact
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