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WindKutsche - WindChariot Wind Cylinder Water Cylinder WasserZug (WaterTrain) WindPendulum Sysiphus Up & Down Chaos Scheibe I WindZug WindPaddel WindFlunder Windspindel HolzHelix Aquädukt Derwisch WindEllipsoid WindPflug Wasserkette StahlHelix WindTaumelScheibe WindSchnecke Magnus Pendelum Chain Reaction Windpaddel


Dimension:2.3 x 1.2 x 0.9 feet
Material:Aluminium, Steel

This object consists of two groups of parallel semi-ellipticalplates being perpendicular to each other, which alltogether form an elliptical body. This body can rotate around a vertical and an horizontal axis. If the vertical plates are in front of the wind they turn back around the vertical axis. Thereby the horizontal plates get in front of the wind and they are pushed back around the horizontal axis. Now the vertical plates are in front position again. The circulation starts.

© All images, texts and the idea of the artists work are subject to the German copyright law and if pro rata the relevant collecting society and if pro rata the photographer. If you want to use something from this in any way, first contact the artist.
© Bernward Frank
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